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OUR NATION, OUR PRIDE by Benjamin Anabaraonye

A land of unlimited opportunities
Blessed with rare skills and talents
A people industrious and diligent
…Our nation, our pride.

A land of unbelievable riches
Garnishing the earth with surplus food
Blessed by God so graciously good
With trees and tusks, fruits and fishes.

A land of untrammeled tribes
Varied in culture, each rich in their heritage
United by one anthem and pledge
May peace,faith, and love be imbibed.

A land of unity and freedom
Undaunted by the uprisings of saboteurs
Still like the eagle she swiftly soars

Still, she shines like a beacon.

A land of unequivocal patriots
Comprising of unflagging warriors and heroes
To these great ones my tribute goes
East, west, north and south.

A land of unprecedented human resources
Rich in crude oil, salts, and flowing fountains
Embellished by rocks, rivers, and mountains
The abundance of energy and mineral resources.

A land of ubiquitous greenness
Freshness,fruitfulness, and fertility
Nigeria-our beloved country
Our nation, our pride.

Author: Benjamin Anabaraonye

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