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MY STRENGTH IS IN YOU by Adedokun Seyi

I am my own chariot and warrior
Winning battles without collecting enemies’ lots
It is queasy If my quiver is full of breathless warriors
What sound of gong is sweet for the dance?

As you stepdown from the cloudy hilltop
Let cavalry full your pocket
And your shoes like the serrated teeth of iron blade
Come, child and take me out of this shack of barrenness

My hope is built on nothing else
Than to have you on your mother’s lap
To see you suck the earthly milk
And grow to feed the foes with sour wines with me

Author: Adedokun Seyi

One day, our stories will be referenced, either good or bad. We must, in our best endowment bestow unto ourselves the pride of goodness. When you feel like you’re lost, trace the path of those that have made it to their ways. Learn this: if nobody read you today, many will have no choice than to do so even in your absence. In this dormitory, there is no languages but tongues, no different people but one. University of Ibadan is my institution and I discipline in Animal Science. I can be reached on or WhatsApp- 08108992965

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