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MY DIRTY DAY DREAMS by Ademigbuji Aishat

Hello future husband.

I saw you in my dreams to day. Not night dreams though.

In my dreams, you are an artist. A are painter/ photographer. We somewhere and we got talking. You were scared…so was I. you gave me one of your paintings, the look on your face suggested I wouldn’t pay much attention. He left immediately so you won’t have to face the disgrace.

I was captivated.

A lot was going through my mind after digesting the content of your painting. It inspired me. I gave my own translation to it. Inspiration came, and I wrote series poems, an article and a short drama. I was about to call you to ask you what was going through your mind when you were painting this wonderful piece, then  Dunni (my lady boss) geared me to reality, asking me about the script she told me to write. We’ll continue our day dream later dear future husband but be warned…the scene might change. (That is the kind of spouse I want. The one that would inspire me and I would inspire him in return. )

Author: Ademigbuji aishat

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