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MY CASUAL WEAR [My Casual Wear] [My Casual Wear]

I, a humble village girl
Forced to take off my casual wear
Take a corporate suit, i’m told
A pair of stiletto shoes? Huh? i’m gonna fall

A brown leather bag
A dazzling wristwatch
Wait a minute!
What am I doing?

I tremble and sob within me
My heart bleeds…
My bones are weak
My eyes I squint

Look what you’ve done to me
You’ve changed me
Where is my casual wear?
I long to have them

Paralyzed with guilt
Blurred with fear
Solemnly, i’m screaming silently
I’m losing direction

A Corporate life with you
A cultural shock!
I’m not ready to adapt to it…
Give me my Casual wear

What else will I lose?
What else must I lose?

Written by: Taiwo Adetimole

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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