MUCUS OF REASON by Oluwatoyosi Agbaakin

He must have wiped
the mucus of reason-
a pus from his brain
the night he saw her body
swollen, ready to be poked by his fleshy pincers

How couldn’t he know that
her meat is the only food
he was forbidden from eating.
but the demons in his groins
ashore, swam viciously across hormones.

How do you forbid a lion
whose lips have known strange blood
from ploughing the land further
meant for another farmer
outside the blood circle

So every night like a devil
he’d crawl out of a daughter’s skin
and scold her to tell nobody of the deed.

Author: Oluwatoyosi Agbaakin


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    Anonymous says

    Succint! We hold the wave of rape faints so enough!

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