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We have mastered the scores of our faith
Wrote them on scrolls
Put them in a bottle…
We’ve seen the combs of wisdom
Take the strands of our hairs
And burnt them in the stubble

We, on the path of slavery
Have masturbated with the integrity that made us
Victorious merchants of faith
Now drinking the beer of profanity
We eat and dine in the toilet
Of gross immorality

We, for whom the future has prepared
A pot of soup
That we may dine and relish in its taste
Made with the sacrifices
And spilled blood
Of the patriotic few

We have mastered the blueprints of our destiny
Buried them in the sands.
Looking out to the hills and mountains
Seeking for answers
We’ve already buried in the sands..

We, victims of ourselves
Hypnotized by the ignorance that we’ve placed
Like adverts on our shelves
Constricted, blind to the emptiness of vanity
Looking at the everything
That dwells in nothing.

Written by: Danny El

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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