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MINNA by Thaalith Abubakar Gimba

Known with antique native history,
Seldom ranking among the perfunctory.
A hospitable home of avid writers,
Perusing books with fat chapters.
Custodian of all facets of literature,
Notably blessed for her diverse culture.
Minna, the birthplace of some Teflon,
That many eyes gawk at as despicable don.
A grand home-phange for any stranger,
Not so kindred to baby Jesus’ manger.
A city tacitly yearning to be a utopia,
In the dreams of many in euphoria.
My home, my very personalised habitat
Where I first saw a thriving infant.

Author: Thaalith Abubakar Gimba

Thaalith Abubakar Gimba, born on 12th September 1995 is a young poet and short story writer who resides in Minna, Niger State. A graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He’s a chap who has a penchant for reading and profoundly loves writing. Writing is a hobby that defines him. He believes that writing can become “a means to liberate yourself from your personal conflicts.”

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