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Message To The Godfathers [Message To The Godfathers]

Our father tongue
Bothers me,
For one thing
It’s a weak expression
Of beauty!

One would ask
If a god is ever fatherly:
He either spits out fire
Or commands thunder
god and father?
Is nothing but an oxymoron
And that is what you are!

You hide in the dark
Lone paddler
That stirs a big ship
To wherever you deem fit

You show up
When things go sour
Not for the populace
But for your investment
And weep paternally
A mere show for the screens

You are the power that be
One of the king makers
In this democratic era
You rule
While your boy – governs

God Father
Listen to the words
Of an angry poet
The verdict
Of a raging citizen

Seems you don’t know
That there is a hand
Buried within the clouds
Who weighs on balances
Just and just

He can make a beast a beast
And has no problem
In making a man a beast,
He can break the arms that be
And make it mere reed

Shaking in the wind,
He can shut the mouths that speak
And make them mere beaks
Babbling on the tree,
He rises in terror
Stealing in through the winds
As easy as flipping a coin,
Clip the wings
And cut the head

Oh hear
God father
Listen to the words
Of an angry poet
The verdict
Of a raging citizen

For judgement
Peeks through silence
And prophecies
May seem
Nothing but mere joke
Hear it god fathers
If men wicked die twice
Yours is thrice –
Here twice
Over there brutally once!

Written by: Ekundayo Moyo
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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