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MEN OR BEASTS [Men Or Beasts] [Men Or Beasts]

What have we become, we sons of men,
Now that we’ve made of Earth a killing den?

The lion kills to put meat in his stomach.
The slithering cobra strikes to repel attack.

Neither King Lion that rules the deep jungle
Nor the soaring, sharp-clawed Eagles
Would dare slaughter the rat or stray calf,
Just that they may with blood-mirth laugh!

Why then do men – demon-possessed pack,
Merciless Humans that do humanity lack –
Now slaughter on whims and plunder at will?
Say, can we then call ourselves Humans still!?

Do you think the dead can breathe again?
Or a corpse, nurtured with sun and rain?

These hands with which we share out death
Shall, sure, one day lie, without life’s breath!

Written by: KIS

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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