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MAY 10 [May 10] [May 10]

May I run faster than time?
May I die before tomorrow comes?
May I dream bigger than my pocket?
May I wish that the wind of evil sweeps past
Bringing riches to the deceased’s son from the treasures of inheritance?

May I wait for the Creator?
Who with His fingers formed my frame and future?
May I fly with wings skyward… with speed
Or walk step by step to the top of the world?
May I wait for His will to be done?
May I keep running towards my dreams
Or stand here and watch the shooting stars?

This may be my end, may also be the beginning
They claim they read the stars
But can they name the stars?
Why does Time, with no legs, run so fast
With my wishes that get left behind?
Why am I older day by day?
Why do years gather gray hair?
But here I’m with wishes in a cradle
Living seems like dreaming
Dreaming, gathering tides of dying in my rivers of sleep

In this stubborn storm striking at me
My body is trembling and shuddering
She was on her knees in tides of tears
Breaking forth on me a waterfall of words

“Long life shall be mine like the earth to the sky, Amen…
Favour shall be mine like the pollen of
Sunshine on earth’s wings, Amen…
Glory shall be mine like a victory cry after a won war, Amen…
I am a fruit I shall bear fruit, Amen…
Death when the sun is still up will not darken my paths, Amen
My words will not pluck from the sky my shooting stars
I’ll rise in glory in many generations, Amen…”

She thought she would lose a star
Because the sky had loomed with death, doubts, and darkness
Away from her bed, She now stands and breathes with life and hope
Seeing her star turning into a galaxy
A galaxy of greatness.

Written by: Glory Adore

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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