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Martyr [Martyr]

I speak of a different special kind of affection
Not the one we rent out to all that show emotion
My tongue is burnt, with lips tied
My heart gives full vent to hidden feelings, tired
Of false claims and convinced blames
My soul cannot contain, neither can I lace
The sweet salt flooding from an ocean so great

Is my faith a labyrinth?
I have had it even before I could think
Now I hear curses that cause my heart to blink
Blink back the hurt I try to bear
All will be well. All man’s caprices
High above the Almighty and angels hear
Soon unveiled will be the true reason (the well-known)
Call it hate or avarice

Man must account for the darkness of his soul
With it he has gained an undignified goal
Can he not see he and his men chase
All but an aim
The one hearts brace
This existence is not a game
Only a fool
Believes he’ll live forever
Everyone knows life is a tool
To be used in the hereafter

Why then would I
And yet so many
Who have professed to die
Be seen like an enemy?
The world man calls his own
The devil has conscripted an army
On earth, he had his seed grown
Man cannot now see the truth
Let’s remember this existence has a root…

I stand by my faith come what may
Islam is peace and a path of ease
This is my identity; I never give it away
For it is what keeps me gay
Let all conspiracies be laid
The truth will always prevail!

Written by: Hajara Hussaini
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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