Inner Man

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Yonder the foggy horizon
He peeps through the cracked clouds
Wonder why he delays rising
He frets and is not proud
Just like this man within

Glory, he knows
Beyond the cloudy confines awaits
Slowly, he rose
Daring whatever fate that there waits
Thus, was the birth of the man within

He dares to light the earth
With his essence and beam
He dares to give it mirthTo gloom its gloom and gloss its gleam
So are his desires – this man within

For when with time he sets with the sun
The earth would weep in smiles and sing a song
For a son that rose and shone like the sun
For a sun that exposed and fought the wrongs
So was the story told, of the man within

Written by: Benson David

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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