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And man said…
Let there be cars,
And surrogate replicas of stars.
Let there be,
Little pools to trap the sea.
And there was…

Man said …
Let there be wars,
Guns be freed from weapon stores,
That we may have conquest,
And eat flesh in a banquet.
And there was…

Man said …
Let us have dominion,
Over and above our kin through deception.
“Let there be…”they said,
Amen! For on that path they did tread.
And there was…

Man said …
Why shall we worship a God,
Who ever on our will gladly trod?
Shan’t we revolt?
And tie religion to bygone’s colt?
Man said and angels so reported…

So God sends angels to look,
Every corner and gloomy crook.
Words of men sought He to hear,
The evil of their thoughts wroth He to smear.

Angels returned teary eyed.
Wings forlorn, “oh…”they cried!
Lord they have forsaken thy word,
Winged they come against thee with sword!

Enraged! God then asks,
“What else did man say?”
One answered…
“They shall be gods of themselves so man said”

And at once the ancient trumpet was blown
The end of all mankind!
– Phoenix


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