MAKING GOOD POETRY: Tips for Poets by Fr. Albert Jungers

Making Good Poetry

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There are for things I look for in a good poem, immediacy, economy, intricacy, and history.

The poem should put its reader in the situation and should not waste words or the reader’s time.

Poetry is an art, a dance, painting, or tapestry with words.

Technique is important. The poem should spin and turn lithely without treading on its partner’s feet.

It should have colour, balance, proportion, and composition. It’s weave should be tight and consistent without knots or snarls.

A good poem gives the reader something to reflect on and carry away, something that will abide.

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    johncoyote says

    I agree. Need reasons to read a poem. Most storytellers know how to downsize a tale to keep a reader interest. Good advice given in your blog.

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