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Love's Vibe Song [Love’s Vibe Song]

Love vibe’s song in home of serenades
A song sung in youthful wine of somnolence
Happily joyful in the idealistic serendipity
In servility to passion through dreamy voyage
The time we forgot the meaning of cultural purdah
To enjoy green love in the blissful blue
Kissing upon the pillows of truss and glade
Looking at the sun with leering lens and lashes

Timbre of juvenility to nascent exuberance
Euphonious song with romantic solfas in the fairy

All was puerile; we never failed to enjoy it’s sweetness
When everybody were songbirds near the twilight of our life
Then, we juxtaposed love and lust, and forgot their differences

Tumescent of passion like swelling balloon in the air

We sang these songs with sonata and learnt the morning serenade
With morning guitar we danced with the chosen maiden of our heart

Don’t tell me you never enjoyed these sinful dreams of that prime
The era of love when every beautiful thing was connected to your Love
At the beginning all was love in the Eden
The deflowering of our flowers and precious stones
The crescent caresses and aquiline touches of sensuous
The lustful appreciation of every Love tales
And the strings that’s attached to all our emotional songs

To be in love then was paradisic and never mundane
These songs we sang under emotional aquarium
To me, it was the beautiful stage of our terrific lives
But, after all, we knew emphatically of the ephemeral
That masked the mirage of that time with heavenly euphoria

But this song WAS written in the name of true love
For my friend who buried his heart for the sake of all these

Love’s vibe song in the home of serenades

Written by: Samuel Leumas
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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