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Ins’t it a magic
Ins’t it so fantastic
That two souls merged together without any logic?

Through the channels of the unseen, communication takes place.

Ins’t it so painful
Ins’t it so dreadful
That joined hearts now diverged?

Some love to gain
Some love in vain
Some love because it is love
Others love as a command from above

Some say love is crazy
As this eats the heart with no amount of water to kill the heat
And others say its a poison
Once the heart is betrayed, the soul dies with it.

Ins’t it so flexible
Ins’t it so beautiful
To love and not to lust
To hug and not to stab
To kiss and not to kill?

Written by: Adenugba Temitope Theresa

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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