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LOVE by Saidu Mark Jatau

When love loosen its grip,
She glides majestically.
Her hooks stray from its sheath
Capturing its prey in a painful seductive grasp
As her patience is left to task
With the gaze of suspense punctuated,
And the sound of passion and pain resonate
Reaping apart all feelings from the start.

When love loosens its grip,
Faint pulse of heart-beats, the sound you hear,
As both body temperature accelerates even with air.
Their eyes glue by sudden gaze
Allowing goose pimples to spread faster,
For that is the very best part of her character.

When love loosen its grip,
Like a child she plays,
Flirt around each other with pride,
Even when nothing seems to be right,
For this reason all other mind must be blind.
Love is the reason we live,
Ours shall be the air we breath,
For love has loosen its grip on us.

LOVE by Saidu Mark Jatau

LOVE by Saidu Mark Jatau

Author: Saidu Mark Jatau

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