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Look beyond what you see,
See beyond the facades of fallacies, seas
Don’t just spring from oases,
Like streams don’t become rivers
By flowing off tubes

Look, in the book of Luke
Lazarus was raised to live again,
Read again the rich man and the poor beggar
The reach man had to get in order to cross the gulf
Which father Abraham spoke of

Look again and you’ll see
Life is fair, it’s we Africans who are not;
Especially Ghanians, no offense
And you’re thrown in jail
Like Saro Wiwa for “speaking in my people’s defense”

Look at us and you’ll see
A people struggling to survive
A people bound yet free.
A nation fighting for lives
Seeking what’s right but still driving left

Look deeply and you’ll feel
The anger, the wrath and the thrill
In waving the coloured piece of cloth
That makes me me.
This is it…. See

P.S: This is pure freestyle, read and explain whichever lines you understand, under-stand?
Thank you!

look beyond what you see

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