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LIGHT UPON LIGHT: Olajide Taiwo Teniola

He is from the East
City where the sun rises
Man of Valor!
That dwells in good deeds
In the entourage of the best
He is everything but the least
Bearer of light that touches the heart
Light upon light

In his journey due West
To a country where the sun sets
Man of the people!
He pursued excellence
Giving to the street his sweat
Self sworn to serve to his last breath
Bearer of light that never dim
Light upon light

He is from the South
Land of wealth pits with known oil-drought
Man of industry!
Peace he daily seeks with words
Birthed in consciousness of justice
Justice to the nature’s gift
Light upon light!

He is from the north
The mass are his friends esp. the poor
Man of honor!
Their daily needs on his thoughts
Sorry for their problems not solved
The booming bangs and kidnapped souls
Light Upon light

LIGHT UPON LIGHT by Olajide Taiwo Teniola

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