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Can life be said to be really fair?
When there are many things to be feared
Where many indeed are afraid of losing it
And some not bothered taking it.

Where those with good dreams are murdered in cold blood
And the innocent ones charged guilty in the law courts
The rich never tired of acquiring properties
Leaving the poor to linger in abject poverty.

Grieved by disappointment, many are frustrated
Perplexed with their minds devastated
Think not of the rope, since you got just one
All you need is to cope, so be warned.

Prepare as life unfolds and changes style
Then you know you’re home and dry
For as fire warms in the cold
So shall your hope comfort you to make you whole

For one can’t be perfect in all ways
But just be good to your fellowmen always
Then your footprints will be found on the footpath of life
And good things will be said of you always and when you die.

life unfolds

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