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LETTER TO A STRANGER by Bamas Sinach VicToria

Hello Stranger,

I look for you in every face
When I am walking, in a crowded hall, at the bus terminal
I search for you in every smile, in every look, in every expression
In my sleep, I search for you in the faceless characters of my dreams
Every day I wonder if today is the day I will meet you
And then, I feel a look, a glance, warmth directed at me
I say to myself “Could this be it?”
Boom! It’s gone. I am back to square one
In my teenagehood I thought adulthood would bring you to me
But I am still searching
I have looked for you everywhere and I am running out of time
Do come quickly.

Yours, Stranger

EMOTIONS by Bamas Sinach VicToria

Author: Bamas Sinach Victoria

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