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LAWS OF GOD & MAN [Laws of God And Man] [Laws of God And Man]

The stables of heaven are risen
And hell plummets and sets low
In its abyss lay fruits forbidden
And my brother I know
Holds love for the curs’d amid Eden

Nights have I spent on strumpet calls
And day on drunk drinks till night falls
‘Times, what my neighbor holds I find value
Most times I stray’d my bounds and snap’d a few

Now, of twenty score years I have seen earth
Take as much as I have strayed from faith
I reckon it leaves me with hell and death
And a night in Hades I hear is hate

Heaven did God first found
And Then Hades too as man’s test
Two meres he set as bound-
Mercies and love: man made the rest

Written by: Nick Nazz Obodokasi Agbor

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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