Let’s have some fun
Let’s play, we can run
No matter the circumstances
I will always have my sun

When happy, she is always there to savor the moment
When sad, she consoles without hesitation
When with her, I feel nothing but being alive
Walahi, she can never bore me

Work pressure never gets to me cos I have her
She helps to resolve each assignment with ease
She motivates,
So we can have time to play

At night, she will play harps like an angel
With a clean voice she sings like an Angel
Then encourage me to finish my oeuvre

She has the answer before I have my question
Even when she is far, she is working for me
She complements me with precision

She followed through the thick
Yet she look so slick
She never falls for others trick
She is my devoted laptop


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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.


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    @bekexjj says
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    @bekexjj says

    Wow! Seems my comment disappeared.
    How then can I bring back the robust reply this poem deserves.
    Still even if the words are far from what I initially said
    Know you alone is not in love with your laptop. There exist many of us with similar ilk. We are so in love with our gadgets. Only God knows where we would be if this relationship was alien. Guess we would be stuck with our slates and notebooks. How crazy that idea is.

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      'Dele Alabi says

      Glad someone likes it….. Thanks

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