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La Poésie [La Poésie]

Poetry is insane,
Voices people’s pain
Makes illusion plain,
Gives emotion reign.

Poetry is peace and light,
Makes the darkness bright,
Leads on in the fight
To set injustice right.

Poetry is thunder,
Tears the clouds asunder,
Opens worlds of wonder,
Dives the oceans under.

Poetry soothes the jangled nerves,
And as my relaxant serves.
It helps summon my reserves.
Guides me safely round the curves.

Poetry is a minstrel with frequent discordant notes,
She often rejects anyone who dotes,
Her tunes sometimes she bloats
She upends carts and sinks boats.

It is lightning, it is rain,
Candlelight and moon glow,
It is all that makes us sane,
Lollipops and rainbow,
Something no one can explain,
Stuff that helps our minds grow.

Written by: Albert Jungers
Compiled by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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