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KURUNMI (an epic) by Ololade Akinlabi

Ogun Ijaye le pupo!
Oro o’wo mohn ko pada s’eyin,
Iya re nke lo bi ewure
Baba re nke lo bi igala
Oro o’wo mohn, pada s’eyin.

Corpses’ hymns, dated worships from heaven,
Perchance from it closest neighbour, house of fire
Corpses’ hymns, lo, echoe to the ears, deaf could hear,
Dumb tongues hymn along, reminiscences flip through.

Flip through,cloud amassed tears along Ibadan-Ijaye;
Cloud shed tears, skies are painted with blood, war!
Aye! Peaceful war in labour, bled, heads were sacrifices,
Kurunmi beat drums to war tune, Egbas danced along.

Danced, like the last evening whirling wind,
War written on walls, atmosphere breathed gunpowder
Dead awoke, ammunitions at hand, toy not with death.
Onto Kurunmi’s hands, dead were buried, bloody hands.

Ijaye, hitherto, friendly enemy to Ibadan, Ibadan on fire,
Peace alive, surname to war, peaceful war it was,
Life’s shadows sighted, mingled with deaths
Kurunmi vomitted venoms, along Ibadan they queued.

For whom hold life firmly at heart be warned,
Kurunmi’s death thought lears, life exhausts as vanity.


Author: Ololade Akinlabi

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