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JUST SHOW ME by Isoboye Danagogo

Don’t point at him;
Just show me him!
How much of a perfectionist he is;
Whom by his virtue, mistakes sit so defined,
the elusiveness of human frailty.

Whose fingers has not pinched errors,
Who deserves praises

from the flute of all his correctness.

Just show me
the humorous and blameless,
Whose gravity erred no air
Whose stance sored no sight.

Whose flying frame didn’t lie;
Whose flying framing raised no sigh.

Just show me whose absent lips nailed,
is wondrous witty words withheld;
Show me who is not an opportunist,
Who doesn’t have the wrist of Oliver Twist.

Show me whose onus isn’t the neon
Neon of teary-eyed onion opinions.

Who is justified like the ‘calvary lame’,
Who never came but whose flame remained same.

Just show me,
That better digger of gold
But who isn’t a gold digger. Show me the tomb that accepts only the poor.

Whose excrement isn’t an eyesore.
Just show me,
One whose climate calamities never changes,
Or one with a Utopian lot without salty challenges.
Show me the best,
And I’ll place my bet next!

Imperfect we are but perfectly created

JUST SHOW ME by Isoboye Danagogo

JUST SHOW ME by Isoboye Danagogo

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