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Just A Single Act [Just A Single Act]

Pressed like a heedless pest
He went frolicking near her nest
Tossing up his virgin heart
Till it hit a poisoned dart;
The leavened bread of vanity
Polluted unleavened dough of purity

A paragon of ravishing beauty
Walking with sprightly steps and gaiety
Through some ineffable grace
Flashed on her lusty face;
Bedecking it with alluring smiles
That travelled more than a thousand miles.

Not too long a solemn warning came
Leaving the lad with no one to blame:
Heart wrecker is her name,
A femme fatale playing Delilah’s game;
But his fickle mind was unable to restrain
The accustomed urge coming again.

A second warning was so plain
To save him from eternal pain:
Son, keep your garment clean
Now your heart looks so green
For once in death God’s judgment read
Nothing more can save your head.

Yet the radiance of her eye
Out-shone the stars in the sky
And the dripping nectar of her voice
Drowned completely his previous choice
Making his sweat drop as a bead,
Like anointing oil down Aaron’s beard

With the crafty dalliance of a dame
Her returning movement stealthily came
And her luscious lips parted in a wide grin
Filling him with lust as strong as dry gin;
Tempted her bouncing bottom
He longed to stroke her throbbing bosom.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you.”
You are the treasure I find new
“Where do you spend your leisure?”
Any place that gives me pleasure.
“What shall I call you?”
Any name will surely do.
“Should I call you Evelyn?”
No, my mum calls me Helen.
“Can we briefly stroll around?”
That will be nice, if you know the ground.

Ages wobbled and passed;
Time crawled and cracked;
No further word
Was really heard;
Courage ebbed;
Nerves sagged;
Tides turned low
As desires began to grow;
Thoughts of retreat
Came like a defeat.

Passion pushed the prowling panda
As her words flowed in a gentle whisper:
Kiss me, kiss me
And tell me you love me.
Kiss me, kiss me
For I know you want me
Kiss me, kiss me
To hone my passion
Kiss me, kiss me
I like you fashion.
Follow me to your soul’s delight
Fondle me, I’m wet and tight.

There she fettered an innocent sheep
Soon they boarded Cupid’s ship.
A few fleeting seconds
Fixed the death records;
After eating the forbidden fruit
Suddenly came post coitus guilt,
Taking away the sensual bliss
Found before in her enchanting kiss.

Let no mouth dare gainsay
The moral truths of this simple lay;
Even Achilles of ancient Troy
Mightn’t have conquered the maiden’s ploy;
For right behind the façade of feminine beauty
Lies the plundering of masculine booty

Now the grubby rag of impurity
Stained the spotless robe of piety;
Just a single act of immorality
Nearly denied him the hope of immortality;
Pealing to his troubled mind: a knell
That reminds him of the raging flames of hell.

So friends, no matter what we feel
HIV is just as real as the waiting meal

Written by: Ovu Basil Friday
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
#WRRPoetry #Sex #HIV #Aids

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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