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IT’S NEVER MEANT FOR YOU [Its Never Meant For You] [Its Never Meant For You]

I bargained with Life and Death
But I’m stranded on this path, as though from birth
My Little mind now plays with evil thoughts
I can’t imagine being bought
With penny for an ungodly act…
He deceive and devoured my heart
Conscience burns me like a wildfire
So hot! I can’t bear it but it has transpired

Was I meant to live this way?
Had I known I would this price pay…
He has deceived and devoured my heart!

I’m made a hopeless entity by fate
I thought it was love without lust
Now, I’m a victim of falsehood
I wish I heard the words of wisdom
And followed the way to the kingdom,

Little ones, pursue your goals and visions
Always flee immorality
It’s not meant for you
I have been a victim

Written by: Nwoye Divine Destiny

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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