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I wave thoughts of a bloom
A mixed breed set in kind
A population of loom
I sat between as bound
Brightened by failure’s gloom
Back side of joy only to find
In ambitions built on a solitary dream
Falling in love with danger’s kind.

My mind has sought a room
Beneath and above land
It reached a book of worms
And named my thought a bard
To make happiness boom
With echoes of tumultuous slide
That raped lonely mind’s groom
Before his day-old bride.

This intercourse bears my dream
To learn far and wide
It holds my sense’s rim
And ideas alone calm my tide
It tempers the raging storm
That tends to slow my grind
Fanning clarity’s bloom
Once doubtfully held.

Now my idea soars intercourse’ brim
Molding my attention’s lead
My heart and mind has realm
That pens and talks of The Made
So let’s sail the waters of brainstorm
Our collective strength breaking the wind
One man is but a single broom
One chance* passenger driven by a blind.

*’One Chance’ is a form of robbery where criminals pick passengers early in the morning or late at night and dispossessed of their valuables.

Written by: Kemjy Xtien and Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

Author: Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

  • Kukogho… Wow.

    Sorry…that’s an inadequate comment and can in no way encompass what I really feel after reading this. But it’s all I can seem to summon at the moment…

  • Can you clarify for me, this is a work of two authors? This is really beautiful writing.

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