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INSPIRED [Inspiration] [Inspired]

I feel like writing something but
First I need to get inspired
So I pick paper and pen, sit on my butt
And wait to be inspired
But wait! What will inspiration require
Before it inspires?
What if inspiration expires
In the middle of writing, won’t I end in a quagmire?

I desire to write and be admired
Like an esquire’s attire
But what will inspiration inspire?
Will it require
That I write about the entire
Scenario of earthquake in Somalia?

Will it be about the recent bombings in Nigeria?
Asking Boko Haram to cease fire
“If not, we’ll use all our manpower”
And push them into hellfire?
Should I ask GEJ to retire?
No. I would end in a black Maria

Or should I ask him to construct a barbwire
Around Nigeria
So that Shekau won’t continue to hire
Homo sapiens that have gone haywire
From neighbouring countries to set wildfires in Nigeria
Roasting human flesh for their vampire?

Or will inspiration require
That I write about the second coming of the Messiah
How we shall join heavenly choir
With a well starched white regalia
To sing Hallelujah
To the Almighty umpire?

What will inspiration inspire?
Because I’ve been overtired
Sitting on my butt
And I’m beginning to perspire
But what I will write, I know not.

Written by: Cllaytus Paragon

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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