I’ve been inspired
By the air that men breathe
To bless all men, without grief
Irrespective of what the man breed
To give without appellation
To all, irrespective of the nation

I’ve been inspired
By the beauty of the sun
Whose glory radiates all the earth
Making everywhere an hearth
Easing men from the nagging cold

I’ve been inspired
To be a friend,when cataclysm hits a lone
When he, through fear perspires
Like the moon to us alike;
Protect him in the dusk,lest he dies alone

I’ve been inspired
By the easing rain in the dry
Through which fainting lives are respired
Replenishing the earth’s thirsty throat
Allowing frown faces feed fine.
Oh! Have been inspired!


Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • James Oboba

    I hv been inspired by dis poem. Thnx

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