In The Laps of Delilah

In The Laps of Delilah

In the laps of Delilah,
Where pleasures abound,
There the pits are
And there snares are found.

There in her flawless laps,
In the smoothness that there be,
And her warmth-yielding taps,
Lies traps no greedy eyes can see.

The beckon of her eyes,
The fluttering of its lids,
From whence calls of pleasure flies,
Them it is that sow the evil seeds.

In Delilah’s ample bosom
Falls the mighty and the brave
And its pleasures so awesome
Maketh the king a slave.

There in Delilah’s laps
Strong Samson lost his lock;
While the strong man naps,
She makes of him a thing to mock.

Spend not the strength of your youth
In Delilah’s ensnared laps,
For she seeks your store to loot
And your strength she saps.

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Powerful. I love the rhyme bro. (You already know you're a Master at that!!!) Very beautifully written, also love the imagery.

  • thank you sir

  • Nice to meet you, will enjoy exploring your blog 🙂

    • Thank you very much Fay (?)

      • Yes Fay 🙂

        • Thank you.

        • Nice name, it rolls on the tongue. I want to believe its part or a longer name.

        • I believe the name Fay, which rolls sweetly on the tongue, is part of a longer,perhaps, lovelier name.

          • he he, It can be from Faith. but mine is Faye spelt without the e 🙂

          • he he, It can be from Faith. but mine is Faye spelt without the e 🙂

          • Okay… you know in Nigeria, many of our names are very very long.

            A friend of mine is named Iponomokumogbasa. Just like the Greeks and Germans.

          • wow 🙂

          • Yeah… so most native names you hear are actually a shorter version of the real name. Oluwabunmi may be ‘Bunmi or Olu while Adebayo may be Ade or Bayo Oghenetega is Tega…

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