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IN LIFE by Eseohe Ebhota Akoma

People who are unkind;
Always hit from behind;
Don’t be blind;
Otherwise you will be undermined.

Expectations sadden us
Loneliness drives us mad
Victories gladden our hearts
Evil thoughts make us bad.

We should not be fools;
And allow someone to rule;
Let’s learn to be cool;
But never be an object of ridicule.

Always know that in life
No one is paid to be happy
Every smile helps you go another mile
While courage helps you manage.

Because bad surprises make us crazy
Challenges can keep us busy,
And there’s always something fishy,
Making our life a bit tricky.

IN LIFE by Eseohe Ebhota Akoma

IN LIFE by Eseohe Ebhota Akoma

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