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In Africa [In Africa]

Lions will roar me lullabies
Dark nights will bring me fireflies
Gazelles stride the savannah
Monkey hunts for banana

Kilimanjaro sits with his head in the clouds
Alone, yet simply majestic
Deserts, forests, savannah, swamps
With mother, each one of them camps

The rivers bring an all year spring
Flaunting their life engagement ring
The sun is banned from truancy
The earth grows her pharmacy

The stars dazzle in their own right
The pipes go puff from grandfathers
And stories pop from grandmothers
The night awakes in the moonlight

The rooster wakes all at first light
Mothers, daughter, may they prosper
Backbones, stronghold, the black woman
They set tones that don’t falter

We’ve heard the rotten tomatoes
On their path I’ll not place my toes
All the truth is not what they told
Just clips of words that can be sold

Watch me as I dance the dance
Like one possessed, in a trance
With happiness that takes no nap
As often as the sweet notes tap

The thieves that came, we called brothers
Years after, their evils run further
The history book did blackmail us
But she still kicks, our strong black horse

The truth that many hold so true
Is a wrapped lie (they have no clue)
Seek the truth, let him set you free
Our land is one that’s wild and free

Many species, land and cultures
Palm tree, baboons, lions, vultures
Eagles, rhinos, turkey and ram
Egusi soup and pounded yam

Talons and claws, paws and fingers
Oasis and falls, springs and rivers
Mountains, hills and rock pedestals
My home, beauty monumental

No matter what your believes are
Might not predict the future well
But of this future I can tell:
The sun will shine on Africa

The rains will pour upon her lands
Flowers will bud in Africa
The ground will hold under her hands
Birds will compose songs of Africa

Peacocks will boast of Africa
Flamingos will dance with her
Oceans will ride with her empire
Her sons will stand by Africa

Written by: Adetimilehin VicAdex Inioluwa
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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