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As fishes wriggling
The entirety of their slippery bodies
In vast oceans, lost in the glory of waters,
Instincts meander their way through to the mind
In a pool of imagined sensuality
With wanton desires.

A longing for the temporal
Poignantly stands erect
In the throne-room of man’s emotions
Motioning with a seemingly motionless

Unfulfilled cravings
Cradles the persistence
In his goal oriented pursuits.

Thoughts are repressed,
Mental imageries suppressed,
To pave way for domination
Of pleasantly positive feelings.

Yet the uncouth lingers,
Occasionally engaging the enthroned
In scrimmages in their bid to dethrone them;
Man holds the prerogative
To serve either of them willingly.

Equally, man possess all it takes to be
Heinously hedonistic
And heartily attractive in personality
To please society;
None can reach complete perfection
At both extremities.

Written by: Seth Boss Kay

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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