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When I’m dead,
Put my body in a metal box
Throw it into the bottom of the sea
So people would not come to see
And pretend to mourn
Who do they think they deceive?
I’m already gone

When I’m dead
Auction my body to the scavengers
Sell it to vultures
Those Who feed on the dead on a platter
The remains won’t matter
Because I’m already gone

When I’m dead,
Tear up my will and my property
Split it among yourselves
Share them like Roman soldiers
Casting lots for a precious, filthy robe
When all of it won’t matter
After I’m already gone

When I’m dead
These are the words you must engrave
On a large stone, on a shallow grave
‘here lies death; an eternal escape from life’
Because life becomes easier when death comes
But death has no sting
After I’m already gone

I'M ALREADY GONE by Kay Ugwuzor


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