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I’M A LEARNER [I Am A Learner] [I Am A Learner]

Who am I with a person
Whose conveniently sits on a saddle
Running fast without a rein
Yes, I see no reason
To compare my teaspoon with his ladle
Handily open his mouth – If am not insane

Don’t bother to feel me sorry
If I lacked table manners
When my fork clanged with Emir’s
Status differs, you shouldn’t worry

I need no aid for my swollen lip
When I scuffle with John Cena
Perhaps, prevent future slip
Gaining stamina and boastfully better

I swam with skillful sailors and their oars
Watching and learning how they paddle
Don’t blame my lame for his waddle
I’ll soon be perfect in a matter of hours

Written by: Gbadamosi Ridwanulahi Abiola

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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