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We were like the butterfly
Perching on the radiant flowers
We saw the future of two melting hearts as
The flirting stars at eve.

Every night I glanced at the sacred moon
I conversed with her as a companion In the woods.
Revealing to her of how love defeated me,
I told her a tale of how we met at the village square.

We both put on the buckler of glamour,
She smiled and gave me a luck diamond
We danced and sang with the stars,
But she said to me “Love’s life is complicated.”

I was a man rambling on an isolated aisle
Love was a blemish, scriptured upon my raiment.
It was fate without hope to be passion’s posterity,
But I strolled on that path which seem real but all was an illusion.

Now she walks away, she left a scar upon my walls,
The moon is pessimistic, see tears from the eyes of the stars,
I was a flower fading upon its fountain
I lie upon my bed seeing shades of agony.

I won’t accuse her, it was my blunder
Love is not for me, that’s my lesson from the gods.
I am a man embalmed amidst frozen darkness
The night is hungry, I shall be her supper,

But when daylight shall approach me in its honor,
I shall see distinctly and stumble no more.



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