I'll Write You A Letter

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I’ll write you a letter to tell of my feeble knowledge on romancing and promising
but I’ll write to let you know the love that is in my heart
I’ll write you a letter to remind you of the words
I have said a million times to the winds hoping they’d reach you

I’ll write you a letter to let out the load on my chest I need you to read my pain.
Others may claim I am old-fashioned I’ll still write two to three pages
describing all you mean to me and how much I need you

I’ll write you a letter for remembrance and comfort that if you miss me, you’d just re-read
Hoping the feelings carefully embroidered in each letter would touch your heart

I hope to connect with your soul that when you read, you’d hear my voice
solidly pleading my case. For somewhere in you, I feel I need to kiss your soul

I’ll write from my heart, hoping that it will guide my hands to send my request to you
I want to be your friend, I need you as my lover.
I seek to make you and me – us and one day, I hope to count the stars with you

I’ll write you a letter, despite my wet hands as I keep wiping my tears
I hope the sun will dry the letter and make it reach you in one piece
I hope my tears will stop raining once you read

I’ll write you a letter, borrowing God’s advice that love is beautiful
I seek to let you know how beautiful you are
and how you’d make my life beautiful with your smile

I need to see your smile again someday and hear your voice
to assure me that the smiles I see in my dreams are yours
and the voices I hear in my heart and abode are truly yours

I’ll write you a letter of three words “I Love You” after struggling inside
I have cancelled many words to let you know the depth of my words
Hoping those three words alone will do some magic

I hope you do not find a trace of blood in my letter. I tried desperately
to block my dripping heart from messing the already tear soaked letter
If you notice any blood, I am sorry

I’ll write you a letter with your name in capital letters
so you’d hear me calling out your name to come rescue me
in this thorny field of tribulation I hope you’d come fast before I die

I’ll write you a letter before life renders me useless
If one day you’d find me in my grave
know that I will still be waiting for your reply.

I hope my letter will find you

Written by: Eddy Ongili
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • I like letters. I haven’t received a real letter in many years. Letters are personal and we can hold the paper in our hands. Thank you for the amazing letter.

    • And thank you for visiting again Sir John. How have you been?

      • Just enjoying my vacation. Reading and writing. How are you?

        • I am fine..but there’s been no vacation. Just work and writing

  • More than ‘liked’ this. LOVED this. 🙂

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