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If This Isn't Love [If This Isn’t Love]

If this isn’t love!
Why do I long to say I do?

If this isn’t love!
Why do I see my children in you?

If this isn’t love!
Why should I smile in capital letters?

It will take me 365 days to write of
How you have touched my everyday

The head of john-de-baptist
I can put in a plate and more

To prove to doubting thomas of how
You have touched my mornings and evenings

If the price is death for all I hold dead-
Then let me die without a shed of fear
Beautiful? No! Pretty, No! Awesome!
State of confusion in my skull

No artist could stop painting you!
No writer can stop writing!
No words can say it all!
Not even “LOVE”!

This is not love but…
Researchers are still searching
Of what this is…

Written by: Dominike E. Anyanebechi

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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