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IF E’EN I FALL: by Moses Oluwatobi Adebayo

If e’en i fall
Fall I wherefrom crest doves doth chirps;
Cold hands and feet hereupon astray slips,
Like dry fronds, winter wind whereof plucked,
Heart rendest broken, thereof a friend trusted,
Or ego of me, cremated my soul wherewith woes
As warblers piercest deadwood, slain by grieves;
Fain not! Feast not! Wilt I rise aheight as sun is tall;

If e`en I fall,
Pushed of slanders, Withno droplets of blood,
Knock of calumny that bedeath than sword;
If I stumble, therefrom shots of conspiracy;
Thy viperlike tongue; similitude to bullet, so lethally,
Blaze`g as coals fetched outta bars of hell,
While am ne`er timid of what canst do the cruel;
Fain not, Feast not, Wilt I cross the sea withno scull,

If e`en I fall,
But upon `tis slippery mud, called earth,
Lo! `twhere everyman mayest succumb, fall `neath,
Swab`g dusty knees, Valiant ones only stand`st,
If am away as pile o`dews, when flares com`st,
Shalt I shineforth, Gleam`g as arc of moonbow;
Strength and hope burn`g thenceat Job`s elbow,
Sores therein`s feet, yet arose fearless as wal


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