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I [I]

I am not hungry
I am hunger
The glowing ember of
Depravation and nothingness

I am not illiterate
I am illiteracy
The child of the street
Dispossessed of learning
In the hallowed corridors of truth

I am not angry
I am anger,
The perfect tempest in the
Season of deafening silence

I am not dangerous
I am danger
The simmering venom
Grumbling in the belly of the streets

I am not revolutionary
I am the revolution
The questions and the answers
That fiery storm coursing
Through their dining rooms…

…when the cracked skins
Fails the weary bones

When men become infants
In their prime

When emptiness becomes fullness…

Written by: Tonye Ville
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson


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