I Wooed A Lady

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I wooed a lady
Every morning, afternoon, and night
I was at her window
Singing like nightingale some beautiful love songs
Solomon in all his verses could not write

Her mother asked me ‘John, can only songs melt the a lady’s heart’
Go and buy her a posh Prado car
Expensive diamond jewelries
And be her driver to all the beautiful gardens in the world
So I went home stabbed myself all over
To, my woman, please

But this lady still kicked against my honey love
It’s my 2028 moons of wooing her stubborn love
I heard her ask ‘is it a must oxygen and hydrogen must bond
After all, if she needed one thousand healthy and wealthy men
All it would take is a minute call

I wooed and wooed the last month
But the tree would not yield for the wind to pass-by
I saw her even sweep my footmarks with an angry broom
As I went home with a tear-stained heart

Just yesterday, just yesterday
About 520 moons, I passed by
There was a heavy fight in the street
I saw my ex-lady weary and tearful
I stopped and heard some howling shouts from her mother
Leave my house, leave my house
This is my husband‘s house
I shook my head in pains
As I drove down the lane

DISCLAIMER: The poem is a mere fiction. It does not in any way represent
any real person or event in life.

Written by: John Eva
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Bella

    Hmmm….beautiful piece…
    John woo me pls…hehe

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