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I WILL [I Will] [I Will]

I will Pray for you
not just to get you strong
or bewield the rovering butterflies we grew
I will pray for you,
so my prayers would heal hearts…

I will sing for you
not just out of lustful dare
nor serenade aiming your succulent breasts
I will sing for you
so angels would make our songs their creed…

I will cheer for you
stand for you in turbulence places
sing and ballet on raging seas
I will cheer for you
so my name be engraved on the lips of your heart

I will dance for you
cause smiles to rule on your beamy face
share a glass of wine and fight for your lips
I will dance with you
so I dance on with you on and on…

I will die for you
not just because I want the messiah tag
but because dieing for you
will write my name near
Romeo’s archives…

Yes i will…. But, would you?

Written by: Prynce Charles Ifeanyichukwu Ejiamike

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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