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I See His Star [I See His Star]

Before his annunciation
Harked heralds
Of sleepy cherubs
We recite the idlib
Muttering faith
In the triune

Before the declaration
Of the mystery of faith
His August visit
And April exit
We chew the chaplet
Of his sorrowful passion

I see his star
Stationed afar
In the east
Illuminating our paths
In the abyss of doom
Stretching forth hope
In betrayed blood
Marred by vinegar

Just yesterday
The earth was void
And as empty as a casket
Without the dead

The moon is as dark
As dead midnight
Where evil rules
Manly affairs

His star shall light
The darkness of today
To fill the void
Of yesterday

I shall wait
Even as I fix my gaze
To the new-found-land
Of the eastern horizon –
The Jeru of Salem

I shall look
To the east
For his star

His ‘lone star’
That shines
And glows
“All alone”
At the groove
Of Easter

Written by: Iyeomoan Emmanuel Ehizogie

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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