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I Saw The Sun Weep [I Saw The Sun Weep]

The shining sun stared sternly
at the busy earth
mortal clays jumped
here and there
with toiling hands
and their suffering sweat
brought out tears
from the sun’s eyes

through steep paths
from bush to roads,
heavy loads travelled
on bent backs
to noisy markets
beggars begging beggars

short skirt stood
by the road side
calling to be stripped
by lascivious trousers

sea of uniforms
trekking to school
waving to road hawkers
heavy worldly music in taxi
beats after beats
though it vexed the holy ear
lured the head to dance

buses vomiting passengers
on the floors of junctions
like a snake vomiting
her swallowed prey

street fighters
exchanging threats
broken bottles
splashes of splintered glasses
bleeding heads
bloody shirts

hand sliced off
from an owner
guilty machete
hiding in the grass
passers-by walked
away unconcerned

gun-shots, scared legs
taking to their heels
scream of fears but who cares?
peace came back
streets filled with gossips
by a crowded corner

soccer fans spitting anger
at the vendor’s stand
and the sun
sneaked inside the cloud
to hide her tears

we heard her thunderous wailing
her lightening scream
sadly, her tears leaked
from the torn clouds
and the earth was drenched…

on that day
i saw the sun weep
and the busy earth went to rest
men retreating
into their furnished holes
to dry their wet plans
below blowing fans

Written by: Oma Paul Enemiku
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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