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I Retched [I Retched]

Let me tell you
the repulsive story
of the vomit I disgorged yesterday.

Yesterday my student–
little miss Sadat–
missed from class

And days and days
I saw neither ghost
nor slough

And so I was
all questions and
no answers.

Tell me something:
what will you do
in such circumstance?

Evening slashed across
and I trudged to Sadat’s

brandishing a mouthful
of questions.

An answer came like a river
crashing with thunderous slushes
carrying me on an alien wave

Tossing me up and down
swaying me like a drunkard
stoking in me a red anger

Springing a thousand
wisps of neusea into my nose:
80 year old Baba married 12 year old Sadat!

Written by: Chimezie Chika

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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