I Knew The Man Or So I Thought

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I know the man so pure and gentle
With meekness that commands respect.
Or so I thought…

He preaches so fervently
He commands demons and they flee
Or so I thought…

He pronounces and prophesies
He decrees and declares.
Or so I thought…

He throws his handkerchief
To the spiritually starved congregation
They squabble and struggle to grab it,
For it carries a spiritual meal
Or so I thought…

But within that crucifix clad being
Is a man so sly and slimy
His voice a soothing taste of bile
Clothed in a spiritual suit of deceit
Preying upon innocent sisters
Maybe not so innocent
Or so I thought…

Financial aids and cash droppings,
Night visits and day calls.
And on Sundays he appears before them
With no shame of being a sham
But he is a pastor,
Or so I thought…

Written by: Kwin Chi
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • magareth Z

    Hahahahahaha!The pic alone is soooo funny…this is exactly what’s hapening in churches ds days…men of God are somethin else!!! This is such a lovely poem!well done kwin chi,and thanx 4 putting this out poetically

    • Most of them are just there to exploit the naive folks financially and otherwise.

      • Margareth Z

        Truely!! Its bad

  • brenda bee

    So much 4 our Pastors..lovely piece,simple n yet comprehensive!

  • chuddy

    Let’s be prayerful…lovely poem,I like d simplicity!

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