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I Know A Better Slum [I Know A Better Slum]

The cosmos is a slum
Its inhabitants refine it
Despite the raging storm
Homo sapiens recreate it

But I know a slum
Where throngs survive like snails
Trusting wealth for the unborn
With half a meal a day

Apathetic castaway theirs
To settle for Diaspora
There, life makes their lives
Scenes seen at the cinema

‘No place like home’, they say
For the slum’s regimen sway
They take the prodigal role
To retrieve what unbelief stole

Hmm! I know a better slum
Where stars feed on crumbs
By regimen to be strong
For the future that is near!

Written by: James Ademuyiwa Jamesconco

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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