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I CRY FOR THE GODS: Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

I cry for the barking gods who write
With illusory saliva on empty souls,
But their words perish as particles of
Silence hides their deceit in sepulcher of history.

I cry for the mothers who warmly received doom at their backyard,
Offering him kolanut and palmwine,
Doom has only come to borrow your delightful smiles,
He’ll compensate you with a container of anguish
And he has come to adorn your souls with poverty’s agbada.

I cry for Ajadi, he savagely manhandled a damsel,
Maybe he forgot to ask his aging mother
The reason behind his father,languishing in that stream of penury.
I cry for his huge muscles,
For they shall emerge as orphans in the hut of destitution,
When nemesis shall ask for their hand in marriage.

I cry for the gods descendants, For Future shall hire them,
For they shall pay for their ancestors deeds
They shall creep with their heads
Begging pigs for one square meal.
Listen to the cry of yesterday, she’s asking for revenge,
She’s yelling for the blood of those
Who stigmatized her name with bloods of the faultless

Listen to the cry of Nigerians,
Under the naked clouds, that’s where we take refuge,
We live like fugitives in a deserted land,
Rain flogs our butts, even the sun stings our flesh,
When shall we stop paying homage to captivity?

Yes I cry,
For the gods I cry, for I see their end
I cry today, but not tomorrow
For later will i smile, and they shall resume crying,
For they shall forever live, throwing punches with their conscience,
I shall laugh at their doomed fate, Yes I shall laugh!


Author: Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

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